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Alexander Salazar Fine Art

Somos Oro/Vales Oro! #1 -Series by SALAZAR

Somos Oro/Vales Oro! #1 -Series by SALAZAR

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Somos Oro #1
Acrylic/Mixed Media/Canvas
Original - Signed
48 x 48 x 1.5

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When I was a kid, and even until the time of her death, my mother would tell me that I was worth Gold - "Vales Oro!" Throughout my life, I have had many struggles with self-care and seeing myself as such. But, my moms voice would get me through sleepless nights, "Vales Oro!

I hope these works remind everyone that they are valuable and important and worth living - "Todos Somos Oro." These paintings are about self-reflection and self-care. . The intense texture on the canvas is meant to show our scars from our journey.

These paintings are about healing.
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