About Shida Azari

Shida Azari Angel Series

Exploring the contrasts between the femininity of women and the social and cultural aspects of Iran, Shida Azari's works achieve balance between two contrasting ideals. In each piece you can feel the play between these two ideas. 

She was born in Tehran, Iran, where she continues to live and work. Azari received her Master's in painting from Azad University  in Tehran and her Bachelor's of Arts in painting from Tehran University of Art. 

Her works have been displayed in exhibitions across the world, including Milan, Seol, Beijing, Istanbul, Shanghai and Tokyo. She is also permanently featured in multiple international collections at the National Art Gallery in Bangladesh, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran & Tama Art University Museum in Tokyo, Japan. You can find more information about Azari's awards, exhibitions and included collections on her site

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