About Richard T. Reyes

Richard T Reyes San Diego Artist

Richard T. Reyes is an American artist of Hispanic and Indigenous backgrounds who shares his unique viewpoint through dark and humorous imagery. Richard finds his artistic expression through graphite and pen illustration, painting, photography, video, animation, sculpture, papier mache, and textile arts.

Richard started drawing at age five, never stopped, and is currently creating new works and collections at age sixty-two while undergoing treatment for multiple myeloma cancer. Even though he is battling, Richard continues to share his perspective through his art.

Richard finds inspiration for his expression in Science Fiction, Horror, Halloween, Dias de los Muertos, the Circus, Clowns, Fairy Tales, Bedtime Stories, Cautionary Tales for Children, Classic Children's Literature, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Advertising Icons, Sex and Gender, Peter Pan, Crows and Ravens, Monster Lore, Urban Legends, Sociology, and Politics.

Richard has a devoted fan base and his works may be found in many private collections.

Richard is available for private commissions, collaborations, group shows, and other projects. 

Check out more of his works on Illustreyes Instagram or his Facebook Page.