About Qais Al-Sindy

Qais Al-Sindy Artist & Painter

Qais Al-Sindy's work explores our world through the inner feelings human beings and how we connect to each other with our various beliefs, mentalities and political viewpoints. His works approach humanistic issues with a wide and analytical vision that comes from his multi-cultural background.

As an Iraqi born artist residing in the United States, Al-Sindy's unique experiences have influenced the evolution of his art and reshaped it accordingly. With each work, Al-Sindy hopes to make our world a better place to live in.

His vital point is to raise questions started with: “Why?” and embed endless answers between the fold of the artwork. The questions he asks through his art find answers with the audience, relying on their own interpretations and backgrounds. Al-Sindy sees his artworks as revealing the shutter of the outside world, while helping people to feel and share what are going on any spot in this world, leading to peace, hope and love. 

Al-Sindy received his Bachelor's of Science in Engineering from Baghdad University in 1989, but then took an interest in studying art. In 2000, he received his BA from the Academy of Fine Arts at Baghdad University then got his MFA (Master in Fine Art) in 2004. 

You can find his works around the world in solo and collective exhibitions, as well as private collections. Check out Qais Al-Sindy's Facebook Page and Instagram for more of his works.