About Joost De Jonge

Joost De Jonge Fine Artist and Painter

Joost De Jonge's work has been exhibited around the world, from Almería, Spain and the Netherlands to San Diego, California. You can find in his work in both solo and groups exhibitions, as well as in permanent collections in places like Switzerland. 

He received his Bachelor's of Fine Arts in painting from the School of the Arts in Utrecht and also attended the Royal Academy of Art and at the Universitat de Barcelona. Joost De Jonge then completed an artist residency in Callosa d’en Sarrià, Spain at the Fundación Cultural Knecht-Drenth.

His recent collections include The Archeology of Personhood, Oceanus and Icarus. Each of the pieces within the collections feature bright colors of acrylic and oil on canvas. His recent project, Painted Poetry & Painterly Poetics, "brings together over a dozen poets, essayists, critics, historians, and artists in a digital book that puts his abstract paintings in conversation with a variety of mediums." This concept is something he is passionate about, as it continues to awaken the creativity inside him. 

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