About Esther Glina Montagner

Esther Galina Artist

Esther Glina Montagner is the daughter of Eastern European Jews that moved to The United States after surviving World War II. She has a permanent installation, "Those People", at the Virginia Holocaust Museum, which was installed in 2009. Each of the 36 pieces includes a painted suitcase with names of Glina's family members involved in the horrors of WWII. Several other museums also feature her permanent collections. 

Overarching all her works is the element of storytelling. This visual storytelling is how Glina expresses her life experiences and the impact they've had, shaping what she believes and feels. By drawing on a variety of life experiences, around the world she can depict a wide range of feelings and ideas. 

Glina loves trying new artistic styles and ideas. She does not want to be boxed into a signature style, but rather free to explore different types of art, including large-scale installations and forms of abstraction.

Her works utilize deep, bold colors, thick lines, broad strokes and intense shapes and textures to represent many cultures. Glina's continued passion for painting can be felt in each piece. You can also explore the differences in her work over time! 


"As the world changes, so will Glina's art. Enjoy the Journey!"