About Anne Marie Crosby

 Anne Marie Crosby Canadian artist and painter

Anne-Marie Crosby is a Canadian artist who currently likes and works in Richmond, British Columbia. Her works depict seascapes and landscapes, many of which surround her home. 

Crosby began her artistic journey as a watercolor painter after her first child was born. Many years later, she switched her focus to oil on canvas paintings that she continues to create to this day. 

 Her paintings can be found through the Vancouver Art Gallery, Art Rental and Sales.  She is also a commissioned artist working with interior designers and creating beautiful paintings for their clients.

Artist's Statement -
'The technical aspects of painting remain the same...necessary and essential, however, they are as unconsciously accomplished when I work as is breathing. The painting draws out the heart and soul of me... simply by me picking up the palette knife and brush and allowing the piece to live. I do not question this...and by my acceptance of it, each painting takes on a life and purpose of its own. Through this amazing act of creation, I am grateful to share my love and joy with the world.'

"Her work is an open interpretation of a universal subject - space, or perhaps light, or perhaps the two combined - that recalls images as disparate as Turner's oceans, Monet's sun rises and Stieglitz's cloud studies. At one glance an image seems merely to be piles of paint; at a second, it has become a textured horizon." wrote one ARTisSpectrum Magazine critic.