Who is Alexander SALAZAR? (Alejandro Salazar)

Who is Alexander SALAZAR? (Alejandro Salazar)

Getting to know different artists around the world can be extremely interesting. It's one of the reasons Alexander Salazar got involved in art and has continued to study artists throughout his life.

Read below to learn more about the foundation of his artistic career, unique style and journey as an artist. 

Alexander Salazar Fine Art Artist and Painter in San Diego California 

Who is Alexander Salazar?

Alexander Salazar (Alejandro Rojas Salazar) is a San Diego-based artist, art curator, well-known art dealer, art critic, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is the creator of countless art collections, Alexander Salazar Fine Art Dealing and Hearts of Hope & Love.

Born in Houston, Texas in 1973, Salazar grew up in the Houston area. He moved around after high school, attending different universities to further his understanding of the arts and build a strong foundation for his future career. 

Salazar spent his life traveling the world, learning about different art styles, periods and history. He continues to travel and explore different aspects of art, which allows him to further develop his unique artistic style.

In addition to traveling the world, Salazar has also lived abroad in Florence, Italy and London, England. Living in these foreign cities continued his love and exploration of art history. Today, he uses the knowledge he's gathered along the way to create thoughtful, artistic pieces with a unique spirit. 

His passion for art has followed him throughout life, which is why he has dedicated his life to his work.

Salazar's Educational Foundation

Salazar attended Colorado College for his undergrad, receiving his Bachelor's of Arts in 1995. During his time at Colorado College, he had the opportunity to study Modern and Contemporary Art abroad in London, which further sparked his love for art. He also lived in Florence, Italy, where he studied Sculpture, as well as Baroque and Renaissance Art.

He then went on to Boston College to receive his Master's Degree in Art History in 1999. After his masters, Salazar attended Harvard University for his second Master's Degree in Theology and Art. It was at Harvard that he had the opportunity to travel the world and explore different types of art even further. Salazar is a proud Harvard alumni. 

His Professional Life

Salazar's works have been shown around the world. Exhibitions have been shown nationally and internationally in Italy, the United Kingdom, Boston, New York, Houston and San Diego. 

He has over 20 years experience as a professional art dealer and specializes in art collecting, art appraisals, corporate art collections, art curating and investing. Salazar has built both private art collections and corporate art collections that are museum-quality. He continues to curate collections for a wide variety of clients, including private collections, corporate clients, celebrities and other art patrons. 


Despite his high pedigree in the arts, Salazar remains grounded in the roots of his journey - encouraging an appreciation for the arts and understanding the value artists bring to the community. He continues to exhibit, host artist lectures and support young, aspiring artists and charities close to his heart. 

According to past client, Norman Herman, "Alex knows art, and is honest. We love the pieces purchased through Alex and his support through the process." Art-lovers he curates for have nothing but positive experiences. Raul Almazar, President & Chief Consultant at Almazar Consulting "worked with Alex in acquiring fine art. Alex is extremely knowledgeable and has an extensive network of contacts in the art community. He was a consummate professional and made sure I was happy with my acquisition. I would want Alex to assist me in my future art needs."

No matter who you ask, Alex is known as a loving supporter of the art community and artists alike. He works hard to showcase artists who may not otherwise have the opportunity. He plans to continue working in the field of fine art for the foreseeable future. 

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