SALAZAR Paintings on Exhibit at Marriott Marquis San Diego

SALAZAR Paintings on Exhibit at Marriott Marquis San Diego

Alexander SALAZAR has a new exhibit in downtown San Diego at the Marriott Marquis. His most recent art exhibit features pieces from his Impact Series - Rogue. 

Alexander Salazar Painting in Downtown San Diego

The series began as a meditation on "impacts" in our daily lives, combined with the elements in nature. By connecting with nature, it allows the artist to express an authentic perspective of the elements. 

Created outside in the early evening, each piece is left out overnight to absorb the moon's energy. Morning dew falls on each painting, then the morning sunrise slowly dries the dew and paint to create delicate crackles on the work. The sun quickly dries the canvas to show the underlying layers of color and paint. 

This unique process showcases the affects of nature through the extreme morning sun in California. It is repeated over multiple days to create multiple layers and depth. According to SALAZAR, "I've left painting overnight looking one way and finding an entire new work the next - the universe takes over when I go to bed. I am the simply the conduit of the paint and canvas. Doing this allows me to detach from the art and see the art as separate from myself"

Pieces in the Impact Series: Rogue

Each acrylic on canvas painting features red, black and earth tones. The pieces in the Impact Series - Rogue are $8,500, measuring 4 ft W x 8 ft H.

If you're interested in purchasing the pieces, contact the artist directly through email or contact us through the website!

Shop SALAZAR's other works online. 

Alexander Salazar Paintings in Downtown San Diego

About Alexander SALAZAR

SALAZAR is an artist, art dealer, gallerist, curator, art patron, philanthropist and art historian. As a Harvard University graduate, as well as Boston College and Colorado College he is a well-educated artist who understands the fine details in different artistic styles. 

He currently lives in Chula Vista, CA with his three dogs and cockatoo; Lucky, Toby, Charlie and Thelma. You can learn more about Alexander Salazar too! 

Alexander Salazar Painting in Downtown San Diego

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