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Unity…Three In One A Painting In Process 

Expatriate Lovers A Painting In Process

Deferred Dreams Exhibition 

In my artworks, I borrow my prophecies from reality. Regardless of the technics; the picture is not fully satisfy with the imaginary things. There is always a flying idea; where I resume inspiration from the moment of deep connection of direct and reciprocal. The Shapes of my figures keep changing till the last moment of doing the painting, yet, after I finish it, I keep  the figures continue changing in shape and expression in the vision of the viewer…they are looking for their destiny. However, I do not deny the mind, despite the obvious emotional prosperity.

My women are the source of my tranquility, as well they are my wealth that I struggle to maintain opulence. So I expect that the tone will remain connected to the meditated feminine silence.

Through beauty I attempt to show purification tendency that rise the image above its direct content. It imitates the image which deemed as a test to the idea of aesthetic.

In painting, I reach to what I dreamt of…then, I convert my dreams to artworks.

Biography of Qais Al-Sindy

Qais Al-Sindy was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1967. He received his Bachelors of Science in Engineering from Baghdad University in 1989. Thereafter, he started to study Art. In 2000, he received his second Bachelor’s from the Academy of Fine Arts located in Baghdad along with his Masters in Fine Art shortly after in 2004.

His art showcases a variety of media including: painting, installation, video, performances, etc. His main choice of expression is through painting, preferably on canvas. His art depicts human connections through a variety of beliefs, mentalities, and politics. He emphasizes on the question “Why?” through his art in order to engage the audience on their own interpretations of the answer.

Being an Iraqi born artist currently residing in the United States, Al-Sindy’s many life experiences has shaped his perception of art. His multi-cultural background has offered an analytical vision in approaching humanistic issues with the world we live in today. He sees the world with many eyes in an attempt to understand and bring spiritual healing through his artworks that serve as a place of sharing with those from all walks of life in hopes of consolidating the concept of peace, hope, and love.

Al-Sindy has created well-known exhibitions including “Letters Don’t Burn” in Amman, Jordan (2007). Many Solo Exhibitions have also been showcased around the world including the following: “Lovers” San Diego, CA (2016);  “You & I”, Beverly Hills, CA (2015); “Deferred Dreams”, Washington DC, USA (2014). He has also participated in conjoined artist exhibits including “Encoded Histories” with Doris Bittar, San Diego, CA (2014). Other Solo Exhibitions include the following: “Return to the Garden of Eden”, Washington, DC (2014); “Colorful Concepts”, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2013); “The Struggle for Survival”, Amman, Jordan (2012); “Reconciliation with Oneself” Kuwait (2012); “Who Knows What the Hoopoe Said?” Dubai (2012); “The Lost Paradise” Amman, Jordan (2011); & “Endless Peace” New York, USA (2009); “Secrets of the Other Half”; California, USA (2009); “Love and Peace” Laguna Beach, CA (2008); “Mamdooh” Switzerland (2007).

Moreover, Al-Sindy has participated in numerous collective exhibitions all over the world as noted above, to continue: “East and West Crossroads” New York, USA (2016); “The Night and the Desert Know Me” Washington DC, USA (2016); “Altered Horizons” San Diego, CA (2014); “Mesopotamia Art and Artists in Diaspora” a collective exhibition of five artists, Los Angeles, CA (2011); “12th International Cairo Biennale” Egypt (2010); “2191 Days and Count” New York, USA (2009).

Along with his works, Al-Sindy has been subject to many interviews, including TV and Radio appearances including: Al-Hurra (2017; “Al Iraqia” (2016); Fox 5 News (2014); “Al-Arabia” (2012); Kuwait National Channel (2012); MBC Group (Dubai – 2009);Radio France (2003). In addition, Al-Sindy was selected by The National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters, to be a judges member in the Annual National Plastic Exhibition in Kuwait (2012).

Solo Exhibitions

2012  Sept., Solo Exhibition (The Struggle for Survival), Foresight Art Gallery/ Amman- Jordan.

2012 Jan., Personal Exhibition (Reconciliation with Oneself), Arts Gallery/ Abduallh Salim- Kuwait.

2012; Solo Exhibition (Who Knows What the Hoopoe Said?), 4-Walls Art Gallery- Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

2010 Dec., Solo Exhibition (The Lost Paradise), Orient Art Gallery, Amman-Jordan.

2009 Aug.-Sep., Solo exhibition (Endless Peace) at United Nation Headquarter in New York.

2009 May, Solo Exhibition (Secrets of the other half), Cirello Gallery, San Diego, California, USA.

2008 July, Solo Exhibition (love and peace), Endangered Planet gallery, Laguna beach, CA, USA. 2007 Solo Exhibition (Letters don’t burn) in Dar Al-Anda Gallery- Amman.

2006 Faculty member at the college of engineering- Architectural Dep. / Applied Science University-Private/Amman-Jordan, teaching (Free hand drawing and painting).

2006 Solo exhibition in Fribourg city/ Switzerland, and participated in the conference at University of Fribourg, introducing a lecture about the Iraqi contemporary art.


2004 MFA, Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad university / Baghdad

2002 Diploma in French language / Cultural French Center / Baghdad.

2000 BA, Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad University / Baghdad.

1989 B.Sc, college of Engineering, Baghdad University.

Selective Group Exhibitions 2010-2011

2011 Nov. ‘Impulses from Iraq’, Group Exhibition- Iraqi Cultural Center, Washington, DC – USA.

2011 Oct. 13th,‘ Mesopotamia Art and Artists in Diaspora’, Collective Exhibition of five artists.

Edgar Varlea Fine Arts (EVFA) Gallery- Los Angeles, CA-USA.

2011 Oct. 1st. ‘Out of Iraq, Artists in Exile’- Collective Art Show of three Iraqi generations. THE/ Main Gallery, Ohai, California- USA.

2011 June 5th. Group Art Exhibit at HA Gallery- Museum of Contemporary Art-, Los Angeles, CA- USA.

2011 June 3th. Home Interrupted: Aircrafts of Iraqi displacement. Michelangelo Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA- USA.

2010 Dec.12th-Feb.12th- 12th International Cairo Biennale, Cairo- Egypt.

2010 Nov. – Scenery form Memory- three artists’ exhibition with Shakir Al-Alousi and Najwa Al-Amen. Iraqi Cultural Center gallery, Washington DC.

2010 Sep., Collective show- Annual Chaldean Festival- Ronald Reagan Community Center, El Cajon, San Diego, CA.

2010 Aug., (Love Stuck), Curated by Anjela Piccard , Collective art exhibition on the Playhouse’s Weiss Lawn, art and fashion event with play of (Midsummer Night’s Dream). -La Jolla- San Diego, CA-USA.

2010 Aug, Iraqi- American friendship show, at St. Rophael Church Hall, San Diego, CA-USA.

2010 March, Art and Artist of Mesopotamia- Collective exhibition- Art share Gallery- Los Angeles- USA.

2010 February- ( Us)- Group exhibition- Qibab Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

2010 January- (Small is beautiful), miniature exhibition, Foresight Art Gallery- Amman, Jordan.

Professional Memberships

Museum of the living artist- San Diego Art Institute.

Association International des Arts Plastiques.

(AIAP) -UNESCO Iraqi Artist association.

Iraqi plastic Artists society.