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The paintings are a commentary on the history of Man. They address current and ancient issues of religion, politics, and natural order. Freedom, entropy, and time are key concepts of my work. I harness chaos to portray beauty. Each piece is designed to open and to provoke — to create a conversation with the viewer. I do this by using many layers of objective conceptuality, contrasting colors, and free brush strokes. These techniques combined create form for the infinite possibilities of the mind, allowing each piece to speak differently to each person. When nothing is sacred and nothing is safe, art is brave.”

Great art comes from inside where the will to create is simple. For Adam Disbrow, art is passion, therapy, self-expression, objective representation, and desire. Art is both lasting and ephemeral. Art is joy and it is sadness. Art is love and it is hate. Art is human. Art is sacred when nothing is safe. To create great art one must begin with appreciating the ability to do so. It begins and ends with the art. All else is tertiary. 

In his home and abroad, Adam Martin Disbrow has become recognized as an exceptional expressionist painter. His work has earned him representation from Alexander Salazar Fine Art in San Diego, California — a monumental achievement as an emerging artist.  He is also a resident artist and member of the Living Sky Organization’s Artist Cooperative in Sperryville, Virginia. His paintings have sold to collectors living in New York, California, Virginia, and Arizona, and his prints sell around the country.

Disbrow’s work combines Abstract Expressionism, European Impressionism, and Neo-Expressionism, in a style he refers to as, “Major Expressionism.” He focuses on layers of objective conceptuality, while pulling upon both history and culture in his paintings. As a student of art history, he acknowledges all art preceding his. Adam Disbrow’s works are made to sit on the stairway of Man’s history.

Symbolism Found in Disbrow’s Work

Single Square with Line through – A fractal or a fragment of a hologram; represents natural symmetry, the atom, or the holographic matter of creation

Multiple Squares with Line through – Indicates how consciousness is tied to reality through perspective

Three Jagged Lines – Represent electromagnetic waves

The Heart – Symbolizes human life, mortality, immortality, and organic form. The red heart represents mortality, the white heart represents immortality

The Bare Breast – Symbolizes sexuality, lust, desire and sensationalism

Binary Sequence – Reference to created reality

Equation of Creation – One over Ten Equaling Eleven: the binary code of created reality

Cogs of Creation – Three circles which are turning and represent a form of the trinity: Mind, Body, Soul – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – Metaphysical, Physical and Celestial

Fountain of Creation – Represents the spiraling gyre of the cosmos

Barbed Wire – Symbolizes how the soul is caged inside the body

Four Crosses – The four muses of dialect and language

Wagging Tongue (Tongue on a String) – Represents the conversational aspect of the natural world

The Crown – Symbolizes Legacy

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