Alejandro Rojas Salazar (Artist, Art Dealer, Philanthropist, Curator, Art Collector) Studied Art, Religion and History at the Colorado College and earned a Masters Degree from Harvard University and Boston College. He furthered his interest in Art History by living in London, England and Florence Italy. Originally, Alejandro Rojas Salazar was born in Houston, Texas in 1973. He has traveled the world extensively with his perspective and passion towards Art and Culture. Alejandro has many philanthropic endeavors within the artistic community, most recently he donated 30 of his original paintings to the San Ysidro Health Centers Gala in Coronado held June 2017.

Throughout the sale of his works, he has collected many emerging artists and has become a well respected international art dealer for over 20 years in Boston, New York, Miami and all of California. Alexander Salazar Fine Art opened in March of 2009 in Downtown San Diego and in 2017 celebrated his 7th year anniversary. He has curated hundreds of art exhibits nationwide and has lectured on art collecting, investment and splits his time representing arts and painting his own original works.